Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
6 11 41 16 0
World Information
Currently: 75 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
mx Lezyfer 9Paladin
unknown Odomino 528Master Sorcerer
br Tegannonn 1292Master Sorcerer
unknown Boogie Naipe 2877Master Sorcerer
br Krayzi 449Master Sorcerer
br El Elric 1961Master Sorcerer
br Milcham 1314Master Sorcerer
pa Mascha 1560Elder Druid
br Sanguinorento 429Elder Druid
br Azelf 283Elder Druid
br Hankis 1978Elder Druid
br Anqa 1313Elder Druid
unknown Kaira 730Elder Druid
de Almighty Healer 283Elder Druid
br El Jack 1098Elder Druid
unknown Rogyn 413Elder Druid
unknown Iluminismo 39Elder Druid
unknown Hitman 146Elder Druid
br El General Del Fuego 1014Royal Paladin
br Evoc 913Royal Paladin
br Vinni 243Royal Paladin
br Ilil 486Royal Paladin
br Bolo De Caneca 820Royal Paladin
unknown El Dyakoz 1448Royal Paladin
es Lord Samo 2006Royal Paladin
pa El Shooter 790Royal Paladin
cl El Twister Ii 491Royal Paladin
br El Maloqueiro 1315Royal Paladin
br El Drogado 872Royal Paladin
unknown Gatol Rp 246Royal Paladin
br Lady Gwenllian 155Royal Paladin
co El Colombia 851Royal Paladin
unknown El Bala Perdida 670Royal Paladin
br Pala Nyky 491Royal Paladin
br Mercy 685Royal Paladin
unknown Smoking Firewood 987Royal Paladin
br Jeala 1971Royal Paladin
unknown El Gonzalo 1437Royal Paladin
pa El Pablo 2250Royal Paladin
unknown El Terrorista 1083Royal Paladin
br Tiphex 541Royal Paladin
unknown Diva Tox 723Royal Paladin
br El Vagabundo 685Royal Paladin
br El Chapa 750Royal Paladin
unknown Zebala 54Royal Paladin
br Damul Cenkan 614Royal Paladin
unknown El Nrtd 1239Royal Paladin
pa El Maluco 2774Royal Paladin
br El Marginal 929Royal Paladin
unknown Jean 2203Royal Paladin
br Baphomeet 886Royal Paladin
br Zorram 1226Royal Paladin
br El Patriarca 1229Royal Paladin
pa El Traficante 1071Royal Paladin
unknown Me Chupa 256Royal Paladin
br Yasaka Magatama 742Royal Paladin
unknown Undy 1168Royal Paladin
br Fenghuang 1334Royal Paladin
br El Carrasco 876Royal Paladin
br Saturna 921Elite Knight
br El Ramirez 1593Elite Knight
br Bob Knight 510Elite Knight
unknown Seifer 609Elite Knight
br Francis Castle 356Elite Knight
unknown Dillion Harper 21Elite Knight
unknown Alucard Du Mal 989Elite Knight
br Santt 1981Elite Knight
unknown Knight Evolution 724Elite Knight
br Van Helsing Hex 745Elite Knight
unknown Saint Ablon 872Elite Knight
unknown Liz Ek 416Elite Knight
br Niitianik 549Elite Knight
cl El Twister 1125Elite Knight
unknown El Patron 2516Elite Knight
br Phoebus 1333Elite Knight
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