Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
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World Information
Currently: 98 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
br Anqa 1504Elder Druid
mx Arachir The 415Royal Paladin
br Arcturiano Master 400Elite Knight
unknown Ariana 962Elite Knight
br Ashe 301Elite Knight
br Bob Knight 631Elite Knight
br Caeruleum 564Elder Druid
br Caox 248Elite Knight
br Check Shrlong 88Master Sorcerer
br Chowchoker 796Royal Paladin
unknown Daia 331Elite Knight
br Dark Light 644Elite Knight
unknown Diva Tox 1003Royal Paladin
br Dytoxity 226Elder Druid
unknown El Bala Perdida 804Royal Paladin
br El Boyznthehoodz 82Royal Paladin
br El Chapa 882Royal Paladin
co El Colombia 946Royal Paladin
br El Drogado 979Royal Paladin
unknown El Dyakoz 1549Royal Paladin
br El Elric 2129Master Sorcerer
br El General Del Fuego 1137Royal Paladin
unknown El Gonzalo 1546Royal Paladin
unknown El Itaboyz 746Royal Paladin
br El Itaboyzz 511Elite Knight
br El Jack 1203Elder Druid
pa El Maluco 2874Royal Paladin
br El Marginal 1021Royal Paladin
unknown El Nrtd 1308Royal Paladin
pa El Pablo 2346Royal Paladin
unknown El Patron 2577Elite Knight
br El Pistoleiro 467Master Sorcerer
br El Ramirez 1664Elite Knight
br El Rax 1554Royal Paladin
pa El Rhaegar 1397Royal Paladin
unknown El Terrorista 1199Royal Paladin
unknown El Thommy Lebolt 972Royal Paladin
cl El Twister 1228Elite Knight
br El Vagabundo 822Royal Paladin
br El Velho Jack 687Royal Paladin
br El Vortex 1668Royal Paladin
br Evoc 1075Royal Paladin
br Felpshorse 168Elder Druid
br Fenghuang 1523Royal Paladin
br Flavo 564Royal Paladin
br Griseo 564Elite Knight
br Gunmar 264Elite Knight
br Hankis 2132Elder Druid
unknown Icares 1842Royal Paladin
br Ilil 655Royal Paladin
br Investigator 287Elder Druid
br Jeala 2132Royal Paladin
unknown Jean 2242Royal Paladin
br Joleno Dos Bilto 22Royal Paladin
br Keka War 331Elite Knight
unknown Knight Evolution 738Elite Knight
br Krayzi 449Master Sorcerer
unknown La Catrina 785Royal Paladin
unknown Likk 476Royal Paladin
es Lord Samo 2052Royal Paladin
br Lucas Rodrigues 516Elite Knight
unknown Maanu 239Royal Paladin
br Mandrax 917Royal Paladin
br Matuto 573Royal Paladin
br Maverick 191Royal Paladin
unknown Me Chupa 337Royal Paladin
unknown Menino Do Vis Hur 205Elder Druid
unknown Mian 905Royal Paladin
br Milcham 1508Master Sorcerer
gb Muramoto 202Elite Knight
br Noel Guarani 524Master Sorcerer
unknown Paladrinu 315Royal Paladin
br Phoebus 1529Elite Knight
br Raxor 190Elite Knight
br Recterks 385Royal Paladin
unknown Rogyn 413Elder Druid
br Rubrum 564Master Sorcerer
unknown Saint Ablon 943Elite Knight
br Santt 2132Elite Knight
unknown Sarah Claymore 169Elite Knight
br Saturna 1085Elite Knight
unknown Shock 2035Royal Paladin
br Shooting Stars 494Royal Paladin
unknown Smoking Firewood 989Royal Paladin
br Sudden Death 252Master Sorcerer
br Surdo 173Elder Druid
unknown Syn Gates 260Elite Knight
br Tegannonn 1434Master Sorcerer
br Tia Do Churrasco 59Royal Paladin
mx Tortao Pra Baixo 274Royal Paladin
unknown Treem 948Elite Knight
us Turako 148Elite Knight
unknown Undy 1357Royal Paladin
br Van Helsing Hex 798Elite Knight
br Vesga Du Zoio Torto 246Royal Paladin
br Yasaka Magatama 742Royal Paladin
unknown Zebala 645Royal Paladin
mx Zevelon Duskbringer 285Royal Paladin
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