Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
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World Information
Currently: 57 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
br Akhamamir 1239Elite Knight
unknown Alexandre Tk 1380Royal Paladin
br All Shall Fall 1837Elite Knight
br Anqa 2118Elder Druid
unknown Beto Lolo 387Royal Paladin
br Bob Knight 1047Elite Knight
br Bolo De Caneca 1132Royal Paladin
unknown Boogie Naipe 3326Master Sorcerer
br Canotevibe 1844Master Sorcerer
br Deexter 660Elite Knight
br Diabolic Attack 2345Master Sorcerer
unknown Drmomo 556Royal Paladin
br El Elric 2564Master Sorcerer
br El General Del Fuego 1249Royal Paladin
br El Jack 1266Elder Druid
cl El Kurly 677Royal Paladin
unknown El Patron 2669Elite Knight
br El Ramirez 1982Elite Knight
br Faoxeu 209Royal Paladin
br Fenghuang 2138Royal Paladin
unknown Frozen Darksoul 1547Royal Paladin
br Gordoroide 2460Elite Knight
es Gorlat 605Elite Knight
unknown Gruve 230Royal Paladin
br Hankis 2564Elder Druid
unknown Invoker Mico 523Elder Druid
br Jeala 2564Royal Paladin
unknown Kenay 1638Royal Paladin
unknown Kotal Kahn 2302Royal Paladin
br Krayzi 449Master Sorcerer
br Kurly 936Elite Knight
br Kwanoz 2490Elder Druid
br Lord Black 262Royal Paladin
es Lord Samo 2207Royal Paladin
unknown Maylon 169Royal Paladin
unknown Mian 991Royal Paladin
br Milcham 2120Master Sorcerer
br Niitianik 963Elite Knight
br Paladin De Papel 1341Royal Paladin
unknown Pandula 2051Royal Paladin
br Pedro Geromel 467Elite Knight
br Phoebus 2132Elite Knight
br Poseidon 777Royal Paladin
br Radsam 858Royal Paladin
br Rei Do Paver 566Royal Paladin
br Santt 2580Elite Knight
br Saturna 1233Elite Knight
unknown Shock 2398Royal Paladin
br Sir Legendary 310Royal Paladin
co Sky Zk 363Elite Knight
unknown Smoking Firewood 1027Royal Paladin
br Sweet 560Elder Druid
br Sweetzin 1912Elder Druid
br Tiphex 1135Royal Paladin
br Viuva Negra 656Elite Knight
unknown Ziguid 361Royal Paladin
pl Zmutowany Druid 147Elder Druid
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