Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
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World Information
Currently: 42 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
br Alika 485Elder Druid
unknown Alucard Du Mal 2308Elite Knight
br Anakin Skywalker 898Master Sorcerer
br Antonov 1291Elder Druid
unknown Armegin 239Elder Druid
br Brakmans 1118Elite Knight
br Bugrote 747Master Sorcerer
br Criw 302Royal Paladin
br Cyf Miramar 643Elite Knight
unknown Dreyarh 725Elite Knight
br Druidinha Maria 913Elder Druid
br El Carrasco 1577Royal Paladin
br El Sinatra 2329Elite Knight
br Elen 131Elite Knight
br Erosmage 240Master Sorcerer
unknown Gaah Bi 2061Royal Paladin
es Gorlat 1117Elite Knight
ch Hunter Shoox 58Royal Paladin
mx Il Il Il Il Il Il Il Il 257Elite Knight
br Kamus De Sutra 865Elite Knight
br Kazi Jaka 145Elite Knight
pa Kierce 120Elder Druid
de Lazaris 22Elite Knight
unknown Lechi 1173Elite Knight
br Lesterzera 940Elite Knight
unknown Lord Bolter 201Royal Paladin
es Lord Samo 3139Royal Paladin
unknown Mian 1533Royal Paladin
br Milialim Dedessa 1167Elite Knight
unknown Naruto 799Royal Paladin
unknown Nones 437Master Sorcerer
unknown Ornstain 270Elite Knight
br Qalzs 1000Master Sorcerer
unknown Selvagem 989Elite Knight
br Sku Kina 763Elite Knight
br Snowpiercer 262Elite Knight
unknown Tegi Dara 480Elite Knight
unknown Tengu Shirohae 255Royal Paladin
br Tibia Lixo 508Royal Paladin
br Valam 917Elite Knight
br Valtozs 931Royal Paladin
mx W 317Elite Knight
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