Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
7 10 30 19 0
World Information
Currently: 66 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
br Akhamamir 1769Elite Knight
unknown Alexandre Tk 1647Royal Paladin
unknown Alucard Du Mal 1129Elite Knight
br Anqa 2497Elder Druid
br Astronis 507Elite Knight
pa Avassaladora 257Royal Paladin
unknown Beto Lolo 391Royal Paladin
br Bomber 957Royal Paladin
unknown Boogie Naipe 3728Master Sorcerer
br Bruu 1027Elder Druid
unknown Canivete Do Juvenal 268Elder Druid
br Canotevibe 2157Master Sorcerer
br Charle Pala 299Royal Paladin
br Coala Drogado 710Royal Paladin
unknown Comyvc 747Elite Knight
unknown Croma 2321Royal Paladin
br Deexter 1000Elite Knight
unknown Dick Grayson 245Royal Paladin
unknown Dlan 726Royal Paladin
unknown Dulokz 2838Elite Knight
unknown Eita Porra 927Elite Knight
br El Elric 2873Master Sorcerer
br El Tankudo 1296Elite Knight
br Fatia De Pizza 416Royal Paladin
br Fenghuang 2511Royal Paladin
unknown Frozen Darksoul 1790Royal Paladin
br Gordoroide 2915Elite Knight
br Hankis 2873Elder Druid
unknown Hey Aqualung 274Elite Knight
unknown James Bond Do Tigrao 367Royal Paladin
br Jeala 2873Royal Paladin
br Joaomiguel 360Elder Druid
unknown Kenay 1877Royal Paladin
br Knight Partener 289Elite Knight
br Krayzi 450Master Sorcerer
br Kwanoz 2898Elder Druid
br Lord Hades 430Elite Knight
es Lord Samo 2362Royal Paladin
br Luseni 138Master Sorcerer
br Matthz Druid 581Elder Druid
br Matthz Paladin 641Royal Paladin
pa Meda Sio Bloco 766Elite Knight
br Milcham 2498Master Sorcerer
br Milialim Dedessa 443Elite Knight
br Oz 1945Royal Paladin
br Paladin De Papel 1628Royal Paladin
unknown Paladin Owned 258Royal Paladin
unknown Paladin Strong 165Royal Paladin
unknown Pally Owned 115Royal Paladin
unknown Pandora 340Royal Paladin
unknown Pandula 2315Royal Paladin
br Pedrin 269Elite Knight
br Phoebus 2507Elite Knight
us Pirulito De Fogo 66Royal Paladin
br Rise Of Darkness 282Royal Paladin
br Santt 2886Elite Knight
unknown Sashra 837Elder Druid
br Sheeva 745Royal Paladin
us Shithappens 210Elite Knight
unknown Shock 2839Royal Paladin
us Skybolt 75Royal Paladin
unknown Smoking Firewood 1121Royal Paladin
br Strick 561Elite Knight
br Sunnad 1085Elder Druid
br Sweetzin 2207Elder Druid
unknown Wololo 128Master Sorcerer
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