Whoisonline - Onix Server Non-PvP OpenTibia 10
Master Sorcerer Elder Druid Royal Paladin Elite Knight Rooker
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World Information
Currently: 17 players are online on Onix Server.
Creation Date:13/11/2015
Record: 182 is the best number of players online.

Players Online
Name Level Vocation  
unknown Boogie Naipe 4453Master Sorcerer
br Bruu 1434Elder Druid
unknown Eita Porra 1594Elite Knight
br El Elric 3521Master Sorcerer
br Elite Tomurka 587Elite Knight
br Hankis 3521Elder Druid
br Hellsy 163Royal Paladin
se Himm 170Royal Paladin
br Jeala 3520Royal Paladin
pl King Pafea 508Royal Paladin
br Krayzi 451Master Sorcerer
br Kwanoz 3685Elder Druid
unknown Pandula 2695Royal Paladin
br Poseidon 874Royal Paladin
br Santt 3528Elite Knight
unknown Smoking Firewood 1411Royal Paladin
br Strick 874Elite Knight
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